University Transcript Attestation services for WES/IQAS for Canadian immigration purpose in UAE, Imigration assistance in UAE, Dubai, Sharjah, Migration documents clearing company in UAE.

Sahara Business Men services in dubai, UAE provides state of the art quality University Transcript Attestation services for WES/IQAS for Canadian Emigration purpose in UAE, Migration assistance in UAE, Dubai, Sharjah, Migration documents clearing company in UAE. our decades of great experience in UAE in the field of Attestation, Apostille, Embassy legalization, ministry of foreign affairs, notary public, migration assistance and much more in the legal documents clearing industry. our high quality University Transcript Attestation services for WES/IQAS for Canadian immigration documents attestation and clearing process enable you to make your certificates and papers clearing in easy and convenient. our services is now faster and affordable too.

canada immigratino process in uae easy now

looking for University Transcript Attestation services for WES/IQAS for Canadian immigration or Attesting Canadian Documents For The UAE or any other migration purpose?  or Do you need a Canadian document attested for use in the UAE?  if so dont waster your time you’re absolutely in the right place. we are happy to assist you and give you free consultation on this.

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canada immigration certificate clearance in UAE

how does it works the University Transcript Attestation services for WES/IQAS for Canadian immigration in UAE?

of course all the certificate attestation, transcript legalization moreover University Transcript Attestation services for WES/IQAS for Canadian immigration in the United Arab Emirates without flying to canada. however, our professional team makes it happens without your presence and gives high qulaity services, taking complete care on your certificates or documents follwed by few steps ahead such as:

  1. we offer pick up and drop services in UAE absolutely free by giving 100% safety on your docuements of you can also Send us your documents to our office directly
  2. next ste is that We’ll have to send it them in safest way to Ottawa, Canada, where certain things need to be done
  3. The main process of Authentication – The document will be sent to the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT)
  4. so further Once approved, a Certificate of Authentication will be attached to the document to get next step done immediately
  5. Legalization process  so your document will be sent to the UAE Embassy in Ottawa, where they’ll add a Certificate of Legalization to the front page to make next process easy
  6. so the final process of this is that your document should be returned to the UAE and attested at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)

canada visa process and immigration assistance in uae

advantage and benfits from sahara attestation that you get like:

  • free pick up and delivery at your doorstep
  • the experience is important things to handle such important documents and sahara having couple of decades great experience and gathered over millions of happy customers in attestation, apostille and migration clearance documents in UAE and across the globe
  • we provide completely genuine attestation and stamping services and be aware of fake attestation
  • we are one of the best affordable, fastest,  reliable and genuine way to get your University Transcript Attestation services for WES/IQAS for Canadian immigration in UAE
  • highly trained and experienced staff handle your documents
  • free advise and consultancy on University Transcript Attestation services for WES/IQAS for Canadian immigration in UAE
  • no hidden charge but lowest price we guarantee in UAE

few easy steps to get your canada migration in uae

other services we offer:

  • certificate attestation from india, uk, usa, australia, canada and all major country for UAE
  • online certificate attestation from UK, USA, india and all major universities from various part of the world
  • legal translation services
  • educational and non educational certificate attestation like marriage, degree, diploma, death, birth etc…
  • economic, DED, Trakhees, free zone and UAE business licensing works and assistance
  • shipping clearance, customs clearance documents works
  • visa assisting and immigration clearance works in UAE
  • company setup in dubai and sponsor arrangements

why you choose us to do your University Transcript Attestation services for WES/IQAS for Canadian immigration in UAE?

Today in Dubai, UAE. We’ve helped millions of clients have their documents attested with our company without any struggle or problems. our state of the art quality WES or IQAS or Canadian immigration documents service went completely peace of mind which ensures high quality and genuine process in UAE with lowest price in town to get it done your paper works today. our expert will give you totally understandable and legal advise on this at free of cost call us now  +971 55 536 9292 , +971 52 948 6046+971 4421 9797 ,

Certificate Attestation in UAE, Dubai Apostille services, Super Legalization in UAE,Attestation of India, UK, USA, Australian Degree, Birth, Marriage, Diploma certificates

if you are looking for a reliable and experienced certificate attestation provider in UAE then we are one of the best and leading attestation service provider across the globe. our aim is to offer sustainable certificate attestation, document clearing, embassy attestation, apostille services in sharjah, dubai, abudhabi, al ain, rak, ajman UAE. attestation services we provide for like:

attestation-stamps attestation-stamps-uae


  • Degree certificates
  • marriage paper
  • diploma certificates
  • birth certificates
  • death certificate
  • memorandum
  • contract paper
  • court agreements
  • commercial documents
  • invoice and quotation format
  • legal translation services
  • power of attorney
  • private diploma etc…

sahara attestation company in UAE having excellent track record in the field of certificate attestation, apostille and embassy legalization for all the papers, documents in UAE with having over 2 decades of great experience. our company provide low cost attestation services in dubai, UAE with high quality secured attestation services at your door step in UAE in simply a call away. certificate attestation in UAE is mandatory for all visa purpose and other university study needs. we understand how important your certificates or documents and will play an serious role to handle your valuable certificates. we are one of the approved agency in UAE to handle all types of educational and non educational certificates who can carry of attestation in embassy, economic department, ministry of foreign affairs etc… what attestation required for Indian certificates in UAE?

certificate attestaiton in uae

  • first step in india is home department attestation basically done in delhi or mumbai
  • second step is ministry of external affairs
  • Notary stamp
  • UAE Embassy Delhi attestation
  • Ministry of foreign affairs in sharjah, dubai or abudhbai
  • legal translation into Arabic if required

documents required:

  1. original certificates
  2. mark sheets copy all the years study
  3. passport copy
  4. valid Indian ID optional for smooth process not essential

super leglizaton and attestation in uae

if you are looking for super legalization some sort of rare stamping and legalization process then we too provide complete range of super legalization services which means embassy and ministry foreign affairs stamping from various country embassy stamping services at locally in UAE at your door step. our super legalization or legal attestation on documents totally hassle free and low price all over sharjah, dubai, abudhabi, al ain, Ajman, rak, UAE

we newly and recently added few countries for attestation services which available in UAE for ministry of foreign affairs, embassy legalization and attestation, state dpt apostille, legal translation serv. as:

  • Egypt certificates , cairo, giza
  • Lebanon certificate
  • Jordan certificates
  • South Africa certificates
  • Nigeria and kongo certificates
  • Malaysian certificates
  • Sri lanka certificates
  • Pakistan certificates
  • Philippines certificates
  • Singapore certificates
  • Switzerland certificates
  • Italy certificates
  • Poland certificates
  • Netherland certificates
  • Germany certificates
  • French certificates
  • Turkey certificates
  • Spain certificates
  • Denmark certificates
  • Japan certificates

required documents is:

  1. original certificates
  2. NOC in some case only
  3. color photo if required
  4. all supportive documents if any
  5. passport copy or visa page if any
  6. your home country id cards copy if required

USA certificate attestation/ apostille needed in UAE as same as mentioned above in such case we need to get issued country attestation from USA to obtain residence visa in UAE, family status or job purpose may be submitted your attested educational certificates as a proof of genuine documents. so here we undertake all types of USA certificates educational as well as non educational category of certificates such as:

Migration-Certificate-attestation-Legalization in dubai UAE

  • USA Degree attestation / Apostille for UAE
  • USA Marriage Certificate  attestation / Apostille for UAE
  • USA Birth Certificate  attestation / Apostille for UAE
  • USA Diploma Certificate  attestation / Apostille for UAE
  • USA educational Certificate  attestation / Apostille for UAE
  • USA Non Educational Certificate  attestation / Apostille for UAE
  • USA commercial invoice attestation / Apostille for UAE
  • USA Memorandum attestation / Apostille for UAE
  • USA private diploma attestation / Apostille for UAE
  • USA court agreement attestation / Apostille for UAE
  • USA commercial documents contract attestation / Apostille for UAE
  • USA death certificate attestation / Apostille for UAE
  • USA power of attorney attestation / Apostille for UAE
  • USA online degree attestation / Apostille for UAE
  • USA company trade license and driving license attestation / Apostille for UAE
  • Cetificate of good standing USA
  • resolution paper USA
  • Free sales certificates issued from USA
  • distribution agreement issued from USA
  • General Power of Attorney USA
  • trade mark registration and application
  • business trade papers
  • FDA certificates issued from USA
  • changing address papers USA
  • US Patent Application

required documents for USA certificates, documents attestation or apostille

  1. original certificate / documents or papers
  2. valid USA ID copy
  3. mark sheets copy if  you are getting degree or diploma attestation
  4. color photo in some case only for smooth process
  5. NOC letters for some University degree attestation from university or college
  6. valid Passport copy and visa page if any

what attestation should done on USA certificates, documents

  1. legal translation
  2. Washington DC attestation
  3. Apostille stamping
  4. UAE Embassy from Washington
  5. ministry of foreign affairs MOFA in UAE

UK Certificate attestation for UAE we provide state of the art quality genuine stamping at really low price in UAE. now its easy that you can get certain officially issued by UK which may be educational or non educational documents legalized or verified by asking the Legalization Office to confirm that the signature, stamp or seal is genuine or original and to avoid fake certificates or stamps . our wide range of UK certificate attestation can help you to save your valuable time and money too our services such as:

UK Certificate attestation in UAE

  • UK Marriage certificates attestation / apostille for UAE
  • UK Degree certificates attestation / apostille for UAE
  • UK Birth certificates attestation / apostille for UAE
  • UK Death certificates attestation / apostille for UAE
  • UK Power of attorney attestaiton for UAE
  • UK Diploma certificates attestation / apostille for UAE
  • UK commercial documents attestation / apostille for UAE
  • UK Court agreement attestation / apostille for UAE
  • UK business license attestation / apostille for UAE
  • UK Memorundum attestation / apostille for UAE
  • UK Partnership agrements attestation / apostille for UAE
  • UK commercial invoice and papers attestation / apostille for UAE

the process of UK attestation for UAE is:

  • solicitor attestation from UK
  • British foreign office attestation or FCO London
  • UAE embassy London UK
  • legal translation
  • ministry of foreign affairs attestation in UAE

required papers for UK certificates in UAE is:

  1. original certificates or documents
  2. mark sheets copy if it is university degree
  3. color photo
  4. passport copy and valid UK id copy
  5. NOC letters for certain degree from issued university

purpose of uk certificate attestation in UAE is:

  1. to get family visa or status in UAE
  2. permanent residence visa in UAE
  3. to make further study in UAE in any school, collage or universtiy
  4. for job application in some MNC company in UAE

advantages and benefits with our company when you do your attestation or apostille with us in UAE is:

  • high quality services and secure your documents
  • free pick up and delivery at your door step in UAE
  • professional international courier to send documents to home country
  • reliable, genuine and trusted over 2 decades service in UAE
  • already gathered millions of happy customer feed back in UAE from past decade

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MOFA (Ministry of foreign affairs) Attestation in sharjah, Dubai, Ajman, Abudhabi, UAE for UK, USA, Indian marriage, degree, diploma, birth certificates etc…

MOFA (Ministry of foreign affairs) Attestation in sharjah, Dubai, Ajman, Abudhabi, UAE

Why MOFA Attestation in UAE is required is for applying for a Resident permit through Labor Ministry in UAE or to complete your attestation or apostille process need to get Ministry of foreign affairs attestation by paying small fee in UAE MOFA office. And also Foreign Ministry Attestation is required for getting a family Visa in Gulf countries like UAE, Saudi, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and Bahrain. Embassy attestation is the pre-requirement to get a Foreign  after completion of basic attestation or initial attestation.

attestationservices-for-india-uk-usa-degree-marriage-birth-certificatesMinistry Attestation in UAE

MOFA Attestation Services are available throughout all UAE Emirates, such as sharjah, Dubai, Abudhabi for all educational and non educational Certificates. Of course provides genuine attestation at affordable price, We can do all these Certificate Attestation services on your behalf without Your Presence what you need to do is just call us to get our free pickup and delivery today!!!

To get ministry of foreign affairs attestation Documents required for Educational / Personal Certificate attestation in UAE MOFA attestation:

  1. Original certificate Original certificate
  2. Mark sheets if required
  3. NOC letter for some case only
  4. Valid visa copy
  5. One color photo
  6. Valid id or passport copy

certificate-attestation-in-dubai-sharjah-ajman-abudhabi-al ain-UAEPlease note: to get MOFA attestation, original document needs to be pre authenticated first by respectively

  • Home department
  • HRD/HD
  • Ministry of external affairs
  • Legal translation
  • UAE Embassy/Consulate.
  • Washington dc for us docuemnts
  • common wealth
  • Apostille for UK and US both

Documents we handle from different country such as:

for more information and free pick for ministry of foreign affairs attestation please dial now