Legal Translation

We provide legal translation services which widely accredited, approved and duly authorized by the Ministry of Justice, Courts of UAE & all governmental departments & ministries within the territory of UAE. Our certified translation is well-recognized & accepted for all types of official submission in all embassies, consulates, institutions, private sectors etc… like English to Arabic, French, Russia, Hindi, Malayalam and much major country language.

Our service providers or translators who are specialized in formulation of POAs, articles of association, agencies agreements, employment contracts and all other contracts and agreement in consultation with very professional and wide experienced lawyers and legal advisors which is legally accepted and approved. we provide free document collection and delivery all over UAE

Our legal translation languages are:

  • English to Arabic
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Chinese
  • Urdu
  • Hindi
  • Malyalam
  • Tamil
  • Other country language

Legal Translation documents such as:

  • Legal Heir ship
  • Contract
  • LPO and Quotation
  • Commercial invoice
  • Court Memorandum
  • Authorization letter
  • Certificates
  • Official papers

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